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School Safety

School safety is our number one priority at Anthony Spangler Elementary. We urge you to support our priority of student and traffic safety around our school.  Please follow these safety tips:


  • Use the approved drop-off/pick up area or park your car on a side street and walk your child in.

  • Let your child out of the car on the curbside, right hand side, not the left hand side.

  • Drive slowly around Spangler Elementary School while children are present.

  • Drivers MUST yield to pedestrians crossing in a crosswalk.  The minimum fine for this type of violation is $200.

  • Pedestrians must use marked crosswalks to cross the street.  

  • Drop off your child at a location where he/she does not have to cross the street.

  • Do not leave your car unattended in the drop off /pick up zone.

  • Be courteous to your fellow parents and residents.

  • Remain alert and encourage others to follow these safe driving tips.


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Thank you in advance for your help with improving the safety of our school.


Student Attendance


Research has proven that there is a high correlation between school attendance and academic performance and success. Absence from school is often the greatest single cause of declining performance and achievement; however, we do understand when students are ill they must stay home. Please remember to call the Attendance Line at (408) 635-2870 when your child will be absent.Attendance-Logo-400.png

Internet Safety

For Digital Citizenship information such as cyberbullying, protecting your child's reputation, online etiquette, research skills, and plagiarism please access our MUSD Digital Citizenship page located in the Parent Resources section. Updates and additional information will be made available regularly.

Back to School Night for parents of 1-6 Graders

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Spangler Staff Welcomes You to the 16/17 School Year

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Spangler Family Handbook

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The Spangler Family Handbook 16/17 has been prepared to help you understand important information about Spangler Elementary School.  You will also receive additional information from your teacher and principal throughout the year.  It is important that you carefully read the entire handbook, especially the information regarding uniform policy, and safety on campus. Please keep it to use as a reference throughout the year.   If you have any questions regarding first day procedures or school policies please do not hesitate to call our main office at (408) 635-2870. 

We are PeaceBuilders at Spangler

August PeaceBuilder Principle-Praise People

praise image.jpgWhat if every child here learned how to show genuine appreciation of other children and adults? We think the world would be a better place. That is why the first principle of PeaceBuilders is Praise People.


What does “Praise People” mean? First, our staff promises to set a good example at our site. We praise students for behaviors that make our site a peaceful place and acknowledge children for positive behavior. As a staff, we also praise and acknowledge one another for excellent jobs completed. Why do we do this? We believe that praise encourages each of us to try harder and accomplish more. Children also need our attention. If children do not get our attention when they exhibit positive behavior, they are more likely to act inappropriately to get our attention. How do we teach the idea of praising people? We remember to look for the good in children and encourage them to look for the good in others. One way we do this: Spangler students may write and receive PraiseNotes™ or Secret PraiseNotes,  Writing PraiseNotes builds friendships, encourages written communication, and makes our school a happier place.


To learn more about PeaceBuilders, visit the PeaceBuilder website-

August Book of the Month

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This month Spangler Elementary's Book of the Month is Bully by Patricia Polacco.  Sharing one story every month helps to unite our Spangler school community.  What better topic to discuss than a children's book shared in class?  Our students discuss it in school with their teachers and classmates and then they can also share their conversations with their families. At Spangler we select a new book every month.  The topics and "gentle messages" are wide and varied.  They may reflect something happening at school, or in current events.   All our books are intended to highlight something special and bring joy to our lives. Recommendations from students, teachers and parents are always welcome. 

Monthly Principal Coffee

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Spangler's Parent Principal Coffee occurs monthly in our Learning Center (yellow room); all parents and family members are invited to attend.  It is an opportunity for us to meet for an hour (9:00-10:00), and to engage in informal conversations about Spangler.

Information is shared by Ms. Waslif and Ms. McClure regarding upcoming events and activities.  It is also an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas about improving student learning and our school.  The best part about the meeting is getting to know one another and building relationships. 


Please mark your calendars for our monthly coffee's at 9:00 a.m. on the following days:

September 9, October 28, November 10, January 6, February 10, March 10, April 7, and May 12.

Spangler T-Shirts On Sale Beginning Friday, August 19

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Understanding the CAASPP Student Score Report

How to Read Your Child’s SBAC Results


Soon you will receive a letter with your child’s results on California’s new state standardized tests. What’s important to focus on and what do these results tell you about your child’s academic progress.

Most Important: Overall Scores

The front of your letter will show your child’s scores in the two main subject areas: English Language Arts and Mathematics. It will look something like this example:



Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 5.49.28 PM.png

These test results are not meant to show students’ performance relative to their peers but rather their absolute progress toward the knowledge and skills needed to be ready for college and career. The sample hypothetical report gives the score for “Juan,” a 5th-grader whose 2,508 points for English language arts falls within the lower range of the third level, standard met, but the margin of error also places him in the upper range of the standard nearly met level (see illustration above). 


Achievement Levels:

Standard Exceeded-on track

Standard Met-on track

Standard Nearly Met-almost on track

Standard Not Met-needs additional support to get on track


Characterizing your student's achievement solely in terms of falling in one of four categories is an oversimplification. Achievement levels should serve only as a starting point for discussion about the performance of students and of groups of students.There are other measures that students, teachers, and parents can also use to help evaluate the academic progress of students and schools, such as scale scores, growth models, and portfolios of student work.


If you have questions about your child's performance, we are available to meet with you and discuss. Don't hesitate to stop by our office anytime to make an appointment, or email [email protected].



For more information on understanding your child's score report, please watch this video below:



Spangler Staff attends Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute


Gina Sainten, Amber Blanco, Oona Cadorin, Lydia Zapata, Katelin McClure, Ann DuBois, Chris Collins, Carmen Lao, Vanessa Lorenzana, Kelly Bing, and Melissa Godner attend Solution Tree Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute this summer. 


Spangler's Mission

We will collaborate to ensure high levels of learning for ALL Spangler Spartans!

Welcome Spangler's new Executive PTA Board

Welcome Spangler's new Executive PTA Board

Spangler PTA launches Konstella to connect with our parent community


Here are just some of the ways Konstella will change the face of communication for Spangler parents:

  • It provides a single location for your child’s/children’s activities, including class announcements, parties, school events, and sign-ups.
  • Your personalized calendar in Konstella automatically includes all upcoming activities and deadlines for your child’s class and Spangler Elementary. 
  • Parents can communicate with other parents about various topics via a message board. If interested in a topic, you can subscribe to a particular thread and respond directly from each email. 
  • Parents can join a Spangler PTA committee or volunteer for a PTA job with just one click.

Register at Konstella to get up-to-date notifications of school events, connect with the PTA, and with other Spangler parents.


Spangler Launches SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language)

SEAL is a comprehensive model of language and literacy instruction designed for English Learners. As a preschool through third-grade model, the goal is to develop literacy skills in English, grade-level mastery of the academic curriculum, and high levels of confidence as learners. SEAL develops students with a love of learning. 

You will be hearing more about SEAL from your child's teacher throughout the year, and about ways that you can be involved.   

The Model provides intensive professional development to our TK-1st grade teachers through workshop sessions, coaching, and collaborative reflection. Additionally, the Model supports parents in developing language and literacy of their children at home and in the classroom.  


We are proud to announce that our TK-First grade teachers have successfully completed Module II and are we are well on our way to becoming a SEAL school.


Check our our SEAL videos below featuring  high leverage pedagogical practices (HLPP) in our TK-First grade classrooms.  


Ms. Lao's Transitional Kindergarteners

Mrs. Lorenzana's Kindergarteners

Ms. Bing's First Graders
Ms. Blanco's First Graders


The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is now available. Please click here to view the report.

Student Online Access


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i-ready_icon.pngtyping club logo.pngscholastic_read_180_logo.jpgrazz kids.png



Classroom Sites

Spangler Elementary is a Uniform School

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General  Uniform Guidelines 


Shirts - Polos, Turtlenecks and Sweatshirts

  • All shirts are a solid color (white, forest green, navy blue or burgundy)

  • Spangler t-shirts and sweatshirts may be worn daily


  • Pants should be fitted or one size larger at the waist for growth only-NO SAGGING

  • Pants can be cargo or any other style (khaki, blue, or black)

  • Jeans on Fridays only

Shoes & Belts

  • Shoes must be closed-toe and heel.

  • No slippers or open-toed sandals should be worn to school.

  • Belts must be worn in belt loops, and may not hang down.

  • No chains of any kind are allowed.


Hats & Accessories

  • Hats of any kind are not allowed in any indoor area, including all classrooms.

  • Jewelry worn must be appropriate and not excessive such as extra long necklaces and chains.

Jamba Friday's at Spangler

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After the Bell at Spangler

Registration for ATB is quick and easy.  Spangler families can either register online or in-person at the Milpitas Sports Center (1325 E. Calaveras Blvd.).  My staff should be dropping off ATB brochures to the Spangler office this week. For specific questions, please visit the ATB website to register and for additional information.